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Weekly Oracle Card Energies | 5/29/23

This is a week of doors opening, stepping into alignment, & embodying your Higher Self.


Monday | May 29th, 2023

You've been waiting for the stars to align and they are. Doors are opening, planets are aligning and everything you are wanting to manifest is within reach. This is a day where you can stand in the possibility of genuine transformation. You either have to allow it to flow in or you know right now what step you need to take. Trust that you are being supported.

Mantra: I swim in the cosmic current of life.


Tuesday | May 30th, 2023

Your card for Tuesday is the Akashic Stargate which is coming to you because you are at a critical choice point in your journey. You have an opportunity to go in the direction you want to be aligned with your purpose. Do you need to let someone go? Push forward? Make a change. You know and you don't need to ask anyone else. Your journey can't be unfold until YOU make the decision. So let go of needing to know if it's right. It just has to be right ... right now.

Mantra: I step forward in faith and confidence.


Wednesday | May 31st, 2023

Whatever your spiritual path, this card is your reminder that you are being guided, loved, and supported. If you want to receive guidance or support then you need to be in a state of listening and raising your frequency. Do a meditation, go lay down in the grass with no distractions, or before you go to sleep ask and be intentional about listening as you go to seep so you can hear in your dreams. Look for the signs of support around you and you will see just how much you are supported.

Mantra: I am Divinely supported.


Thursday | June 1st, 2023

As humans we tend to forget that we are fractioned off into this human experience. We seek the connection to the Divine and forget that we also have a Higher Self that is your soul. Today's card is a message to seek alignment with your Higher Self. It's how you find clarity, how you make decisions and how you feel connected. Do a meditation, take a bath, do breathing exercises with the intention of connecting to your Higher Self. As you come into alignment, you will feel more empowered to do what you know you need to do today.

Mantra: I am in alignment with my Higher Self.


Friday | June 2nd, 2023

Friday's message is from Freya and she is reminding you that endings are necessary to embrace the new beginning that you are seeking. Allow the door to close this weekend and embrace the lessons learned. Tie up loose ends and prepare yourself to step fully into your new beginning. You are a powerful manifestor- don't let your fear of change hold you back.

Mantra: I embrace the closing of this phase and welcome my new beginning.


Have a wonderful magic-filled week Inspired Souls. Get ready for your next phase! ~Abbie

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