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Weekly Oracle Card Energies | 12/25/23

As we close out this calendar year we are being invited to work with the energies of forgiveness, health, spiritual expansion, intimacy, playfulness, and self-worth.


Monday | December 25th, 2023

Monday's oracle is an extremely gentle card bringing with it the gift of forgiveness. Whatever you are holding onto from your past is ready to be released. As you release the old you make space to trust and to love again. Trust that welcoming loving relationships are either on their way or lifting you up. Trust in your ability to be strong and forgiving.

Mantra: I release the past and embrace the freedom of forgiveness.


Tuesday | December 26th, 2023

Tuesday's card is a message from Archangel Raphael asking you to find the reason why you want to be the healthiest, most vibrant version of yourself. Take some time to evaluate your life, your health, and how you feel about yourself. Then spend time envisioning it, feeling it, and preparing for what you need to do. Invite Archangel Raphael to help you transform your victim story of disease and being unwell into a story of healing and feeling great.

Mantra: I welcome the healing energy of Archangel Raphael.


Wednesday | December 27th, 2023

Wednesday's card is asking you to expand your spiritual community. Be intentional about trying new things that will expand your spiritual practice. Ask Mihr to help introduce you to others who can help you fulfill your Divine Plan. It's not about showing up for credit, it's about showing up and diving into that expansion energy. This card also has a message to be alert for opportunities to break old patterns.

Mantra: I am open to paths that help me expand my spiritual practice.


Thursday | December 28th, 2023

Thursday's Oracle card has several messages. The first is about being open to deeper intimacy in your relationships. Give your relationship needs some special attention. The second is that a cycle of learning is coming to an end and you are about to break through your melancholy or creative blocks. Either message that resonates for you is meant for you!

Mantra: I am ready to break through.


Friday | December 29th, 2023

Friday's card is a message from the Crow's. They can actually be quite playful. They are your nudge to make some time to enjoy the company of friends and to make some time to play. Getting out of your rut, out of your set routine, can be just the medicine you need right now. Disconnect for a bit and play!

Mantra: I set the intention to play today!


Weekend | December 30th - December 31st, 2023

This weekend's card is reminding you that you have all that you need to remedy what ails you. As you approach a new year remember that sometimes you repeat your lessons so you can continue to master your heart. Instead of fearing (or ignoring) all of the danger, abuse, and suffering in the world, focus your fear on living a life with no growth. Choose this weekend to focus on how you will live your life out loud. Embrace the hard lessons as much as you embrace your manifestations. Follow your heart and your intuition and above all else know you are worthy.

Mantra: I embrace the duality of this world and choose to live out loud.


Have a wonderful magic-filled new year Inspired Souls. ~Abbie

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