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Weekly Oracle Card Energies | 12/11/23

This is a week of inspiration, trusting the Universe and hearing the Truth.


Monday | December 11th, 2023

Monday's oracle is from the Beaver Spirit with a reminder that within you is the ability to tap into the power within to co-create with Source. Be extremely deliberate in the foundation that you are building. Keep your intention front and center as you build the foundation for what you want to manifest in your life. It's not too late if you need to change course, just be intentional as you make your course correction. Above all else trust that you are supported in what you want to build.

Mantra: I trust in the foundation I am building.


Tuesday | December 12th, 2023

Tuesday's card is a Fairy gift of Honesty. Trust that you are able to see clearly what is true and what is not. You can and you will sift through the noise and hear what is truthful today. The other side of this is that you need to be truthful with yourself about something. Where have you been deceiving yourself? What have you not wanted to hear? Today brings the truth if you are open to hearing it!

Mantra: I am open to hearing the Truth.


Wednesday | December 13th, 2023

Wednesday's card is bringing you guidance on the transition you are experiencing. Today is about seeking the balance of your light and dark aspects and leveling up. This is a very sacred card reawakening you to your light and carrying you back to yourself in a transformed way. Remember, the serpent is about shedding your skin and evolving into a better you. So, embrace this energy, do some work with your Kundalini, and make way for a brighter new self to be born.

Mantra: I am ready to transform.


Thursday | December 14th, 2023

Thursday's Oracle card is another reminder to stay focused on your goals and to know that the support you seek can be depended on. For example, we need air to breathe, gravity is gravity, and water always boils at 100 degrees. You can count on the fact that you are always supported but- if it sounds too good to be true- it most likely is. Remember to use your discerning energy and trust that truth always has a way of revealing itself. Listen to everyone, but let your heart make the call.

Mantra: I am discerning and trust my guidance.


Friday | December 15th, 2023

Friday's card is a zinger and it's a sign that it's time for you JUMP! (If you have already jumped then consider this an affirmation!) It's time for you to take a leap and trust that the Universe has got you. No more thinking about it, it's time for you to try something new. Follow your dreams and do it with all the passion you've been giving to your fears.

Mantra: I am jumping with intention!


Weekend | December 16th - December 17th, 2023

This weekend's card is a message to pay attention to your dreams. There are some strong messages in them if you take the time to write them down and explore them. If you can't remember your dreams then pay attention to your daydreams. They are the seeds of your dreams and you can allow them to sprout in reality. Bottom line- tune in to the messages of your dreams/daydreams.

Mantra: I am inspired in my sleeping/waking dreams.


Have a wonderful magic-filled week Inspired Souls. ~Abbie

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