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Embracing Change: A Shift in Oracle Energy Card Updates

A calendar new year is upon us, which brings with it the perfect opportunity to reflect on where I've been and to be intentional about where I'm going as a spiritual entrepreneur. I am honored by everyone reaching out today for the daily card! There are some very exciting changes in store for myself and Intuitive-Resources, but today I wanted to share a significant update regarding the format of our weekly Oracle energy card updates.

While I adore oracle/tarot cards and the profound messages they bring and love sharing them, the daily messages are not in alignment with my mission for 2024. It might help if I start at the beginning. When I decided to start embracing my soul's calling to have a voice in helping others in their spiritual journey I faced an all-encompassing, genuine fear of putting my very sacred and personal thoughts online. I suddenly understood what the collective Witch Wound was and how very real it was for me. I had people telling my kids that I was doing the devil's work and posting on my videos that I was going to hell. So I decided to start small with blog posts. Then I began sharing daily oracle messages without revealing my face. You can go back and listen to my first videos where I couldn't breathe because I was incredibly anxious and I was speaking so fast.

It took a little time, but I finally found my rhythm and felt very comfortable with whatever response I got. Funnily enough, the more at ease I became, the less I received the condemning comments! It has been a powerful journey, one that has allowed me to confront and transcend the anxieties associated with the deep-seated collective Witch Wound.

As we step into 2024, I am filled with excitement about the bigger work that awaits all of us. I am in the incubation phase of transforming my offerings. I love oracle/tarot cards too much to have that go away fully, but it will end up being in a different format. I hope you will stay along for the journey as I am eager to share much deeper work and practices to help you in your spiritual journey.

With many blessings,



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