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Weekly Oracle Card Energies | 12/18/23

This is a week of hibernation, recharging, and tuning into your Divine Purpose.


Monday | December 18th, 2023

We start this week with the High Priestess Enheduanna. She is calling for you to become one with your soul and to live your highest purpose. Tap into the limitless love and inexhaustible power that moves through you when you merge with your soul. No more excuses or apologies for your power and your purpose. It's time for you to live and breathe your soul.

Mantra: I tap into the power of my soul and live with purpose.


Tuesday | December 19th, 2023

Tuesday's card is asking that you rest, reflect, and recharge. Yesterday's message is a big one and to honor the calling of your soul you need to seek space to reflect and to bring balance. Ask Archeia Clairty for an amplification of your inner knowing. Step away from the insanity of this world and go within today. What is yours to do? Remember, breaks and recharging lead to breakthroughs.

Mantra: Today I rest and recharge.


Wednesday | December 20th, 2023

Wednesday's card is not letting you off the hook from yesterday's time to rest. Today is another message of taking time to create space for yourself, your healing, and your guidance. Healing happens when there is space and allowing. Make the time to just be, without distraction. It isn't about being active in asking today, it's about being quiet and making the space to just listen.

Mantra: I dedicate my time to the Sacred Space within.


Thursday | December 21st, 2023

Thursday's Oracle card is another reminder to retire from the world into your den. (When there are this many cards that jump out I take it seriously.) This is your time to go within and to remember that once regenerated the Bear is in their full power. You have work to do in this world, and you need to regenerate. Say no to what isn't necessary and do the things to help you rest so you can receive the answers that you seek.

Mantra: I rest and receive.


Friday | December 22nd, 2023

Friday's card is a sign that you are safe to come out of your cave. Your hard work is paying off and things are coming into alignment. If you've been in the rest/receiving mode you are now able to analyze your situation with logic and your intuition. Take what comes to you at face value. If it doesn't feel right- then it isn't. Ask for signs today and stay open and receptive. Your answer will come.

Mantra: I know what is right and true for me.


Weekend | December 23rd - December 24th, 2023

This weekend's card is a message that it's important to reconnect with friends and loved ones. Your soul family is calling for you to do something fun and to play. You spent a lot of time resting in your cave this week, reach out for support and see how you can lift up your loved ones. You are not meant to be on this journey alone. Reach out and play this weekend.

Mantra: I receive the fun and joy of my family and friends.


Have a wonderful magic-filled week Inspired Souls. ~Abbie

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