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This amazing spray was created to help you tune into the frequency/vibration of health. It's perfect to use before/after a surgery or every day as you work to manifest the level of health you choose. Used alone, or in conjuntion with our powerful Cosmic Health Alchemy Kit, it will help you to tap into the you power of the Universe and your amazing mind as you set the intention for health. 
These signature blends are made with essential oils, crystals and sacred ritual. They have enough oils that if you get halfway through the bottle you can refill with distilled water so it can last even longer!
Set the intention to bring your body into the level of health that you seek. Before you meditate on your body, spray the mixture on yourself and your altar.  See the toxins, disease or unrest transmuting into positve cells and positive feelings in your body. Envision feeling the way you want to feel and work to correspond the scent of the spray with that feeling. For best results, use the spray with your sacred ritual & repeat steps consistently. Manifestation happens with focused intention. 
Ways to Use: 
Daily Use  |   Ritual Spray  |  Before Meals/Bed/Exercise  |   Spray Self  

Cosmic Health Manifestation Spray



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