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This amazing spray was created to powerfully clear the space of negative and toxic energy. If you are in need of shifting the negativity in your heart, home, or workspace this will do the trick. Not only does it clear the energy it smells divine, leaving you with a powerfully positive feeling. Use this spray alone or as part of a powerful spell to expel the toxic energy in your life. 
These signature blends are made with essential oils, crystals and sacred ritual. They have enough oils that if you get halfway through the bottle you can refill with distilled water so it can last even longer!
Set the intention to clear any toxic or negative energy in your space. As you spray the mixture on yourself, objects, clothing, or altar feel the intention of a clear space that feels positive, inviting and warm. See the toxic energy evaporating or leaving through the window. For best results, use the spray with your sacred ritual & repeat steps consistently. Manifestation happens with focused intention. 
Ways to Use: 
Daily Use  |   Ritual Spray  |  Before Work  |   Spray Self  |  Spray in Office

Anti-Negativity Spray



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