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There are times in your life when other people's negative energy permeates your home or your workspace and you feel at a loss for what to do. This amazing spray and spell were born from a custom spell done for a client. They had such success and transformed their workplace that I've created a version to share with you.


As with all magic or energy work, the only thing you can control is your energy. This Anti-Negativity Spray & Spell is a 20-day ritual that will help you to shift the energy of your space and guide you in strengthening your ability to repel negative energy. If you are in need of shifting the negativity in your heart, home, or workspace this will do the trick.


Included in your kit, you will receive the Anti-Negativity Spray as well as all of the components of the spell that you need for the entire 20 days. Please note that you will receive the spell as a PDF so you can follow along with a script and step-by-step instructions. I have also included the recipe in case you want to make your own later on.


What's Included In Your Kit

  • The Anti-Negativity Spray will dispel toxic energy leaving space for genuinely positive vibes in your life. Used in conjunction with the spell you can transform the energy in your life and bring in amazing positivity. It has gone through a ritual to be in alignment with the energy of clearing space and transforming your space.
  • Incense with an incense holder to be used as part of the spell process and infuse the energy in your space.
  • 20 Purple Candles for each day of the spell. (I've also provided a candle holder to use.)
  • Small keychain mirror to be kept with you as part of the spell.



Anti-Negativity Spray & Spell

  • For external use only. Keep out of reach of children.

    Intuitive-Resources makes no claims or guarantees any supernatural or magical properties. This product is for entertainment purposes only.

  • "This has been the best money that I've ever spent. Everyone in the office feels the difference of the whole vibe. To top it off, the person creating all of the toxicity was suddenly promoted and left the office! I'm so grateful for this spell and this spray!"

    ~Kelly G. 


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