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There comes a point in time during your spiritual journey when you feel overwhelmed and it all feels like it's too much. Too much to bear, too much to hold onto, too much to deal with. This Mystical MP3 recording is a guided meditation/ritual that will take you through a calming ritual to connect, get grounded, and work with your divine team and Archangel to Zadkiel to surrender what is no longer serving your soul. 


Ideally, you will have a small chime candle and a tall glass of water to conduct this ritual, but not required. When you are complete you will either melt or throw away the part of the candle you did not use as a physical representation of your surrender. (You will be led in the recording with what to do.)


Lean into the hard stuff and learn to surrender with love and compassion versus ignoring or stuffing down what is upsetting you. In your spiritual evolution, this is how you find your magic!



Sacred Surrender

  • Once you purchase, please download it as the link expires after 30 days.


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