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Debt can be stressful and impede your manifesting frequency!  This is the perfect 7-day Reducing Debt Enchantment that will guide you in leveling up your manifestation set point so that you can tap into the Divine help that you have access to.


Use this enchantment to help you make the shift in your life so that you can embody the truth that you have the full ability to change your financial situation. Real magic is tapping into this frequency on a regular basis and allowing it to become your set point!


Included in your Enchantment:

  • PDF (via email) of the enchantment for you to follow
  • 7 Tealights
  • Paper
  • Red Pen
  • 4 -5 in a piece of string/yarn
  • Small Plastic Baggie
  • Lighter NOT included

Reducing Debt Enchantment

  • Please exercise safety when lighting candles and make sure you don't leave them unattended. Intuitive-Resources makes no claims or guarantees any supernatural or magical properties. This product is for entertainment purposes only.


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