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Nothing is worse when our Little's get scared at night. This formula has helped my children and many others dispel those monsters that tend to hang around during bed time! This Monster Away Spray is a also powerful spray to help you clear your space from a fight or negative emotions. It's particularly effective in banashing toxic energy someone else is throwing your way. 

These signature blends are made with essential oils, crystals and sacred ritual. They have enough oils that if you get halfway through the bottle you can refill with distilled water so it can last even longer!

You have it on great authority that as you spray this Monster Away Spray no monster, creature, or being is welcome in the space. As you spray under the bed, under the pillow in the closet and around the windows repeat, "In this room you can not stay. Monsters you must go away!" 


Ways to Use: 
Every evening before bed

After an argument or fight

Anytime a "little" has a bad dream or is fearful of lights out

Monster Away Spray

  • "I bought your monster sleep spray and I've been sleeping like a baby since getting it, thank you so much!:  ~Nicole A.


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