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When we want to manifest money in our lives it's important that we think in terms of aligning ourselves with it. We want to use sacred herbs and oils with a magical spell to help put us in the frequency of calling in money. This Manifesting Money Spell includes everything that you need for to complete the ritual.


  • Manifesting Money Oil
  • 20 Red Candles
  • Candle Holder
  • Citrine Crystal
  • 7 Coins
  • Detailed script (PDF) of the spell to follow
  • Lighter NOT included


This kit comes with the Manifesting Money Oil which was created this to amplify your manifestation intentions around money and prosperity.  The Manifesting Money Oil includes a blend of abundance-attracting herbs like cloves, basil, and cinnamon. It also has gold flakes, cinnamon oil, and clove oil in a base of jojoba oil. To top it off, this oil went through a powerful ritual on the new moon to bring its full power to you.

You can use the Manifesting Money Oil in this spell as well as continue to use it by: 

  • Adding a few drops to your bath
  • Applying to your chakra points
  • Using daily on your hands before you  go to work
  • Anointing your wallet, bills, debit cards etc.
  • Sprinkling some drops around your workspace
  • Keeping the bottle on your altar or on you work desk

This Spell comes with an 8-page detailed spell outlining every step and thing you need to do and say. (If you are experienced, you can of course adjust as feels good to you!)


Manifesting Money Spell

  • Please patch test before use on the body. For external use only. Keep out of reach of children.

    Intuitive-Resources makes no claims or guarantees any supernatural or magical properties. This product is for entertainment purposes only.

  • "I love that everything was included as I am a newbie witch. Within just three days I started manifesting extra income. You have a real gift!" ~Denise O.


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