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Abundance is a frequency that you can tap into and embody. The real magic is tapping into this frequency on a regular basis and allowing it to become your set point. This 7-day enchantment will help you continually step into the frequency of manifesting money and help you to embody the abundance you want to experience. The more abundant you feel, the more abundance flows to you!


Each day of the enchantment you will follow the instructions until day 8. You will discard the used cloves and you can decide if you want to keep going or if you want to wait till the next new moon to begin again. You have enough in this kit to conduct the enchantment twice!


What's Included In Your Enchantment:

  • 20 ml glass jar with lid
  • Bag of Cloves
  • Enchantment directions sent via PDF in an email 


You will have everything included in your Enchantment, you simply need to follow the instructions and put your full intention into this magical offering. Please make sure to include your email so we can send you the PDF.


Happy Manifesting!

Manifesting Money Enchantment

  • For external use only. Intuitive-Resources makes no claims or guarantees any supernatural or magical properties. This product is for entertainment purposes only.


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