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To increase the wealth vibration and frequency in your life. As you feel abundant you attract abundance. Correlating a scent with your manifestation practice is a powerful way to help you get into the flow of abundance. Use this spray if you are interested in attracting money, prosperity, and abundance in your life.
Product Description:
These signature blends are made with essential oils, crystals and sacred ritual. They have enough oils that if you get halfway through the bottle you can refill with distilled water so it can last even longer!
Set the intention, create a mantra and tap into the feeling of abundance that you are seeking to manifest. As you spray the mixture on yourself, objects, clothing, altars feel the intentions. Imagine your life with the abundance you seek. For best results, use spray & repeat steps consistently. Manifestation happens with focused intention. 
Ways to Use: 
Daily Use  |   Ritual Spray  |  Before Work  |   Spray Self  |  Spray in money corner

Manifest Money Spray



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