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Love is the absolute most powerful vibration on the planet! If you want to feel loved, or attract love, then you need to embody love. As you embody love, you find more ways in which love manifests in your life. This delicious spray was created with love, intention and ritual to help you tap into the powerful frequency of love.  
These signature blends are made with essential oils, crystals and sacred ritual. They have enough oils that if you get halfway through the bottle you can refill with distilled water so it can last even longer!
Set the intention, create a mantra, or work with the Embodying Love Alchemy Kit to tap into the feeling of Divine Love. As you spray the mixture on yourself, your bed, and/or your altar take a few moments to enjoy the scent and then picture/feel the intention of love in every area of your life. For best results, use spray & repeat steps consistently. Manifestation happens with focused intention. 
Ways to Use: 
Daily Use  |   Ritual Spray  |  Spray Self  |  Spray in Love Corner

Embody Love Spray



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