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Struggling with a challenge or want to make a real change in your life? Performing a spell is a sacred ritual that grounds you with the Earth and connects you with the Divine enabling you to manifest something magical in your life. We all need support from time to time and receiving a custom spell can be transformational. I personally love to supplement an Alchemy Kit with a spell on the front/back end as the right spell enhances our manifestations.


I am a Master Wiccan with a deep love and practice in prayer. I am not the magic, the Divine is the source of ALL our magic. I am merely crafting you a blueprint that enables you to make the request from the Divine. What you will receive will be custom-made for you and your situation. You will have the full script to follow making it easy for novices to experts. Based on our conversation, I will keep the ingredients to what you can comfortably get. You need only bring your full participation in the process and commitment to take action once you have cast the spell.


After You Book:

1. You will be asked to schedule a 30-minute session.

2. You will then receive a form to help me understand your intention/desire (this is for a single item or issue).

3. We will have a conversation to make sure I fully understand your situation and desired outcome.

4. In 3-5 days you will receive an overview of ingredients/supplies needed and detailed instructions for how to conduct your personalized spell.


Let's make some magic together!

Custom Spell



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