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Every psychic, Intuitive, or Healer will tell you they took the time to cultivate a relationship with their guides. In order to receive guidance you have to make the time to listen to your Divine Team/Higher Self. The Cosmic Guidance Workbook combined with the Guidance Kit is a phenomenal tool that provides a daily practice to help you cultivate a relationship with your Higher Self. 


This practice will help you to learn to listen to what your body is saying, track confirmations of help or messages received from your Divine team, and set intentions for your day. Each day builds on the last, building trust and faith which sets you up to live with more guidance and intention. 


In addition to the Workbook your kit includes:


  • An oracle/tarot card holder for your daily card pulls
  • Pendulum for a daily question or to help choose a card
  • Pendulum Board to help with clarity on your yes/no answers
  • Orange Calcite which is associated with divine intelligence and is intended to keep your lower chakras open and connected
  • Divine Connection Spray to help set your space 


If you are looking for a daily practice to help you build your receiving guidance muscle then this workbook is a must have!



Cosmic Guidance Ritual Kit

  • "I love everything about this Guidance Kit! It has helped me to create a special practice that has helped me realize just how much I am being guided. I love the explanation of how to work with the kit and how easy it is to incorporate into my practice. A must have for anyone needing a practice to work with their angels." ~Kristine 

  • "I wanted to reach out and tell you how much I LOVE the Cosmic Guidance Workbook!  I've been using it every day  and the prompts are so helpful.  I've had some patterns repeating in my card pulls, which isn't surprising (even though I do shuffle really well), but the flow of the prompts everyday really make a difference.  I had been stuck on how to get started with my daily practice. 

    Now, each morning I make a cup of coffee, set my space, meditate, pull one card to get me thinking for my automatic writing, then go through the page.  What a difference it is making in my days, my attitudes, just everything in general.  This is such an amazing tool!  THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU for introducing me to it! "

    ~Tina A.  


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