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There is absolutely no better way to tap into the high vibration of appreciation/gratitude- none. The Cosmic Appreciation Workbook helps you to build this muscle that allows you to stand firmly in the truth that there is nothing happening in this world that isn’t for you.


As you work with the Appreciation Workbook, you will immerse yourself in the why of this practice and then be guided in a daily practice that will transform your spiritual practice. Every day you will get new quotes and be guided in setting intentions that help you shift your frequency to that of appreciation. As your build this muscle you will raise your vibration and that is the foundation for all manifestation work. 


This is a powerful practice for yourself and also makes a wonderful gift for someone in  your life that is looking for amazing spiritual tools. 


Appreciation Workbook

  • "This has been such a great workbook to add to my spiritual practice. I love making it part of my evening routine. It has helped me shift in so many ways." ~Carla 


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