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As part of an amazing collective of authors, I wrote a chapter in Volume 4 of The Ancestors Within series. The simple truth is, that we are not all in the position of knowing all of our ancestors before us and could use a little help. Instead of depending on others to tell you what your ancestors are saying, this ritual is to guide you in a sacred ritual that allows you to work with the Ancestor Oil so you can connect and receive guidance from your Ancestors. 


If you purchased the book you already have the recipe and the ritual to follow. For those that want to be guided in the ritual and follow along you will receive a QR code that will take you to the recording of the ritual to follow along with.  All you need to have is a candle to perform the ritual with.


If you have Ancestor Oil and would only like the ritual, please look in our Mystical MP3 section for the audio.



Ancestor Oil & Ritual

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