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Abundance is not something that is outside of you, impossible to attain. Abundance is a frequency, meaning you can opt into it. With this Abundance Alchemy Kit you will slowly, but surely,  set your focused intention on the frequency of abundance.  Allow yourself to feel appreciative for the abundance in your life, and feel connected with the Divine.


What’s Included in Your Abundance Alchemy Kit:

  • A personally selected selenite crystal
  • 40 candles (w/candle holder)
  • Feng Shui Money Coins
  • Tray
  • Red Yarn
  • Citrine (Abundance) Spray
  • A mantra
  • Workbook with 40 days of ritual and guidance through each step


In addition to the kit itself you will also receive:

  • A recording of the ritual to guide you through it until you decided how you want to customize the ritual in your own words.
  • An Introductory Video explaining more about the kit, what is in it, and how to get the best use out of the Alchemy Kit. 


Alchemy Kits

Confused with all of the theories of the Law of Attraction, Heart Coherence, Energy Healing, and wondering exactly how to use crystals and oils to manifest real magic in your life? This alchemy kit has each of these modalities weaved into a masterful process that allows you to CONNECT with the Divine, EMBODY healing, and TRANSFORM your life.


There is more than enough theory available, this is everything in one kit/one process that aligns you with the Law of Attraction. The workbook inside the Alchemy Kit guides you through understanding why this ritual works, the symbolism behind every component and step, as well as easy-to-follow steps to guide you for the full 40 days. 


Your Alchemy Kit comes with the crystals, essential oils, candles, and a workbook to guide you in this magical practice. What is needed from you is to show up every day and give it 100% commitment to manifest magic in your life.


Need additional support? We offer additional MP3 versions of the ritual where you are guided through the ritual until you feel comfortable co-creating your own.


This is your journey, your experience, but in your hands, you will have a process and a tool to expand your spiritual and manifesting process unlike any other. If you want to stop living in the past and create your new abundant future…. the time is now!



Abundance Alchemy Kit



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