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Weekly Oracle Card Energies | 9/25/23

This is a week of powerful manifestation and heart opening so prepare for an amazing week!


Monday | September 25th, 2023

We start the week with a beautiful Higher Purpose card, asking you to check in and see if you are honoring your soul's purpose and your heart. Make the effort to connect with what your heart truly wants and needs so you can take some solid steps to honor your purpose and divine destiny. An important shift is taking place and if you would put the effort forth to get aligned with your higher purpose, your heart will expand and align... and that is when the magic happens.


Tuesday | September 26th, 2023

Tuesday's card is a message from the universe that you are being gifted with some powerful manifestation energy. The Velvet Queen is a confirmation card that your dreams are manifesting. If you are open to receive and surrender your doubt - some amazing things will manifest today. Tap into your trust of the Universe and your divine team. It's about surrendering and allowing versus efforting things to happen. Sit with the energy of trust today and watch the amazing things that unfold.


Wednesday | September 27th, 2023

On Wednesday we some powerful love energy coming in. Your message is to let go of those heartbreaks, your distrust, and pain so that you can let yourself feel worthy of being swept off your feet. Love wants to flow through you today, to create through you, and it needs you to be open and willing today. Choose kindness to yourself and others and choose forgiveness. Most of all- let go of the illusion of control. Heartbreak is not easy, but your message today is to focus on moving forward so you can experience love in all it's forms.


Thursday | September 28th, 2023

Thursday's message is a reminder that you are part of something profound and that to have a divine calling is a privilege. Your heart is asking in so many ways this week for you to be open. The message is very clear- you are here for a sacred purpose on Earth and as you awaken to it you can trust in the Divine to help it all unfold as you allow it. Key word- allow.


Friday | September 29th, 2023

On Friday your card is the Treasure of the Soul. Meaning you are being asked to share the sacredness of a special object you have with the collective. It could be a gift, a crystal, a feather or a flower. By working with this object and setting the intention to share this spiritual energy, you are blessing the collective and opening a purposeful purposeful pathway to share and amplify this sacred treasure. This is important as we all have to start taking the steps to evolve our consciousness to that of sharing freely. Keep an open heart and share your treasure with the collective today.


Weekend | September 30th- October 1st, 2023

This weekend's card is a message to relax. Stay in the most receptive and open space that you can and allow the abundance, rest and joy that is available to you in. The Universe is trying to get something to you this week so relax this weekend and allow it all in. Be ready for unexpected gifts to come into your life!


Have a wonderful magic-filled week Inspired Souls. ~Abbie

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