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Weekly Oracle Card Energies | 5/22/23

This is a week of shadow work and stepping back into your purpose on this planet.


Monday | May 22nd, 2023

It's time to shine a light on the true nature of who you are. It's time to go deeper than you have in the past into the depths of your unconscious and shed light on your shadows. Get some support and make the time today to open the doors to your inner being and what is needing to be healed. Release the I thought I healed this excuse and just intend to go deeper in your clearing efforts.

Mantra: I meet myself with compassion.


Tuesday | May 23rd, 2023

Self doubt gets us all no matter how far along we think we are in our process of living our purpose. It's that doubt that can cripple you, stop you from taking the steps you long to take. Today your message is that it's time to let go of your fear of failure. You are meant to live a happy and successful life. As you release your old beliefs make sure you create the space to dream about how you can transform and how you can be of service to humanity.

Mantra: The Universe believes in me.


Wednesday | May 24th, 2023

Our card for Wednesday is reminding you that you need to rise above the lower vibrations like fear, jealousy, resentment, blame, or shame. These lower vibrations are keeping you in a place of fearing your own success and this is a card promising that you are ready to rise above. As for guidance and get connected from your heart space. Chose a mantra that you can repeat all day.

Mantra: I release my fear of my own success and rise to meet my dreams.


Thursday | May 25th, 2023

The Child is a calling to release yourself from the habit of being yourself. Each card so far has been about tapping into those dreams you had as a child and letting the fears of your adult self go. Your message today is that you can correct the course of your life and you can do so unapologetically and without fear. You are one choice away from stepping into the higher version of who you want to be.

Mantra: I choose me.


Friday | May 26th, 2023

Getting off track of your dreams, facing difficult challenges are part of your journey. This is a world of duality. The good and the bad. Your message today is to be empowered by BOTH. Trust that you can face the good and the bad with grace. The impact of a small tiny change in your life can be vital so be thoughtful but make a change today and trust in the balance of your life.

Mantra: I am comforted by the balance in my life.


Have a wonderful magic-filled week Inspired Souls. ~Abbie

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