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Weekly Oracle Card Energies | 3/20/23

2023 is all about spiritual awakenings and looking more deeply into ourselves. These Weekly Oracle Card Energy readings are to help you navigate these energies, to expand your spiritual practice, and to receive a little guidance.

This week is full of momentum and momentum means progress!! We are celebrating Ostara/Spring Equinox and the Aries New Moon giving you powerful opportunities to go after what you want, to be bold and and manifest some magic!


Monday | Mar. 20th, 2023

On this beautiful Ostara/Spring Equinox we have the Confidence card and you are being asked to trust your own gifts and abilities. It's time for you to stop letting self-doubt run the show. You already know the answer, it's time for you to step into your confidence and share your gifts with the world with conviction!

Mantra: "I fully believe in myself and have confidence in all that I do."


Tuesday | Mar. 21st, 2023

On this Aries New Moon your card is The Masculine and your message is that it is time for you to step forward and lead. You are the leader in your life and it's time to embrace your full power. It's time for you to step up into your power, your uniqueness and offer your message to the world.

Mantra: "I honor the calling of my soul and embrace my dreams with open arms."


Wednesday | Mar. 22nd, 2023

Our card for Wednesday is the Tattoo Fairy, her message for you is to be careful of labeling others and yourself. It's time to look deeper, past appearances to see what truly is. You are limiting possibilities when you need things to fit in certain boxes. Take advantage of the Spring Equinox and New Moon energies and trust that you are not meant to fit in a box. You are good enough just the way you are!

Mantra: "I see the perfection of myself and others."


Thursday | Mar. 23rd, 2023

Your card on Thursday is a reminder that you are on a journey to fulfil your destiny and it's time to take the steps necessary. No need to be overwhelmed, just remember one step at a time. It's the small, but consistantly moving forward, steps that make progress a reality. Keep going, take advantage of all this positive forward momentum energy and surrender your doubt.

Mantra: "I believe and trust in myself. I take each step forward in faith."


Friday | Mar. 24th, 2023

All week we have been talking about this forward momentum and powerful manifestation energy. Today's card is a reminder that you are an extraordinary being of Light and have a sacred purpose. It can be frustrating when you are waiting for your dreams to manifest. Cut the energetic cords of your old stories and old baggage. Focus on how far you've come and my goodness claim your power, claim your dreams and embrace your purpose.

Mantra: "I embrace my sacred purpose."

Have a wonderful magic filled week inspired souls. Let's manifest magic! ~Abbie

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