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Weekly Oracle Card Energies | 2/27/23

I am so incredibly excited about the oracle energies for the week of the 27th. If nothing else to give me some hope that I needed :-) I see the emergence from the winter cocoon starting to happen. This week is about leaps in spiritual growth, change and progress.


Monday | Feb. 27th, 2023

We are starting Monday off with the Powerful Truth Teller Maat. Her message for you today is to do a fearless self inventory. Where are you living out of authenticity and where do you need to course correct? It's time for you to be completely transparent with yourself and the people in your life even if you feel vulnerable. Be empowered in your in your choices and choose to live fearlessly in your truth today. That also means seeing behind the words of others and the truth of their actions and make your course corrections.


Tuesday | Feb. 28th, 2023

Now on Tuesday the Elder is here to give you that nudge to move beyond the limitations that have been set for you by your family. The energy of your spirit is more powerful than genetics and ancestral patterns. You do not have to be the victim of the past. This card is your acknowledgement that you have the capacity to move beyond the limitations that others have placed on you. Welcome the personal healing of your ancestral patterns and trust that your ancestors are cheering you on to let the past go.


Wednesday | Mar. 1st, 2023

Your inner child needs to come out and play today! Take a moment to check in and see what your inner child needs. Playing in the rain, rolling down a hill, playing hooky, having a pillow fight, putting down your phone and playing with kids, or creating something. Ask the Fairies for help to tap into your inner child and believe in the magic of the Universe today.


Thursday | Mar. 2nd, 2023

Contrary to popular belief, nobody truly/genuinely knows ALL the secrets of the Universe. The magic is learning to trust your own higher self and your own intuition. Your message today is reminder that being anxious and holding on to the what if's is wasted energy. Trust yourself and trust that the Universe is extremely powerful. You don't have to understand it to trust it. You have a big destiny this lifetime so instead of judging where you are at or focusing on what you don't know- trust yourself, your purpose and that you are exactly where you need to be.


Friday | Mar. 3rd, 2023

On Friday we have a powerhouse card. Mawu is is the Moon, the Divine Feminine and Lisa is the Sun/Divine Masculine. They are together creating cosmic power. The message for you is that you are in the right place, you are sacred and you can no longer pretend that you are not magic. It is time for you to rise up into your magnificence. Love and accept yourself fully to unlock everything you seek. Stop pretending to be less than you are. Repeat, "My power shines forth from within."

Have a wonderful magic filled week inspired souls. Let's manifest magic! ~Abbie

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