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Weekly Oracle Card Energies | 11/27/23

This is a beautiful week of moving past your setbacks and ushering in transformation energy.


Monday | November 27th, 2023

So many of us get caught up in needing to understand the why of what is happening in our lives. I personally think that is nothing but major distraction energy. Today's oracle card is a reminder to trust that your Higher Self chose this lifetime, this incarnation for a reason. Instead of focusing on your setbacks, detours, and disappointments - try sitting in the frequency of trust that something unexpected and helpful will happen today... if you allow it.

Mantra: I trust and allow.


Tuesday | November 28th, 2023

Tuesday's card is a message to remember the gifts you are carrying from previous lifetimes. You don't have to know what your previous lifetimes are, you just have to trust that as you call on them they will manifest. Why would you want to make it any harder than that? You are a master alchemist and this is your opportunity to take what is challenging you and use it to create positive opportunities for yourself in every lifetime.

Mantra: All of my thoughts that I send to Source contribute to my evolution in every lifetime.


Wednesday | November 29th, 2023

On Wednesday we are tapping into the symbolism of the peach. It's a symbol of renewal, happiness, fertility, and fulfillment. Your message today is to pay attention to what brings you bliss today. Focus today on savoring your life, embracing every experience for what it is. Bring to mind the amazing people in your mind that bring you delight. This is another card of positive manifestations so stay open to something delicious happening today!

Mantra: I focus on my fulfillment today.


Thursday | November 30th, 2023

Thursday's Oracle card is yet another card that we keep getting reminding you to be still and listen. So many times we are asking for guidance but we forget to make the time to listen. Take the time today to be quiet and ask your questions. If a person comes to mind, reach out. If you see a location and you can go there- go. Above all, be open to messages in a way that may surprise you today.

Mantra: I make the space to listen to the whispers.


Friday | December 1st, 2023

On Friday it's time to hold on tight and get ready for a dramatic activation of your spiritual journey. Focus on what has been awakening in you. Maybe it's been a new job, a new relationship, or something creative. Whatever it is, wants to come through you. Go into the weekend with the expectation that you are going to transcend what has been holding you back and you are moving to the next evolution in your journey.

Mantra: I welcome transformation energy.


Weekend | December 2nd - December 3rd, 2023

This weekend's card is asking you to dig deep and look past the humanness of those who have done you wrong. Most spiritual teachings have something about forgiveness and that is your job this weekend. Take control of the narrative and understand that forgiveness is not about excusing harmful behavior, but about choosing to not hold onto the pain that is weighing you down. Easier said than done, but it's worth the effort. We are all trying to find our way home and focusing on the hurts of this insane world only keeps you stuck and miserable. You can't transcend or manifest if you are focused on nursing the hurt in your life.

Mantra: I choose forgiveness and transcendence for myself.


Have a wonderful magic-filled week Inspired Souls. ~Abbie

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