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Weekly Oracle Card Energies | 10/16/23

We are working on responding from our Higher Selves to the duality this week.


Monday | October 16th, 2023

We start the week with the sacred medicine of laughter. We have some very difficult and dark things happening in the world. Today you are being called on to find your light, to find your humor so you can make decisions from the higher part of yourself and not the fear part that wants to run the show.

Mantra: I embrace laughter as my medicine today.


Tuesday | October 17th, 2023

Tuesday's card is reminding you that there are no shortcuts in this human journey. It's time for you to make a commitment of your time and energy to your creative domain/self-expression. Whatever your pursuit is make the commitment to go the distance. Partial knowledge does not make you a master. Deep wisdom knows only continuous learning so make sure you enjoy it as the pursuit of mastery is never ending.

Mantra: I commit to the mastery of my self-expression.


Wednesday | October 18th, 2023

On Wednesday the Saint of Authenticity, Perpetua, is asking you to check in with yourself and see if you are fully your authentic self in all circumstances. Are you being honest about who you are and how you are showing up in all areas of your life? Allow your inner voice to be expressed and to become the driving force that is daring you to live your truth today.

Mantra: I am my authentic self in all circumstances.


Thursday | October 19th, 2023

Thursday's message is from the Goddess Sara la Kali. Your ancestors are reminding you that you are not alone in this journey and you are probably forgetting to ask for their help. Create your altar, speak their names and trust that you are being supported by your ancestors.

Mantra: I call on my ancestors and am open to their guidance.


Friday | October 20th, 2023

On Friday your card is a beautiful receiving card of the Hathor Light Codes. It's time for you to remember why are are here. As you stand in your truth, your light, and with your ancestors, you are ready to receive a full-system upgrade. Call on the Hathors for their light codes today and make some time to connect and receive. You are in a time of expansion and the world needs you to bring in as much light as possible.

Mantra: I welcome home my light.


Weekend | October 21st - October 22nd, 2023

This weekend's card is a reminder that storms come in the form of challenges, but your true self is the part of you that is riding the wave. You are not the storm and what you are going through will pass. Do your best this weekend to flow and ride with the waves rather than focusing on how difficult the waves are.

Mantra: I intentionally respond to life rather than react to it.


Have a wonderful magic-filled week Inspired Souls. ~Abbie

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