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Weekly Oracle Card Energies | 1/30/23

The oracle energies for this week have a very clear and distinctive theme of flow and emotions. So much water energy in each card that I actually felt the richness of the deep emotional work to be done this week. That's not a fearful thing- it's our purpose on the planet to explore, evaluate and know ourselves. This is a week of looking at your shadow, doing mirror work and getting deep.


Monday | Jan. 30th, 2023

The nightingale is your reminder that even in your darkest of times that the sun will rise again soon. You didn't come here to have an all light and love kind of life. We There is shadow and darkness and tough times but today you are being reminded that the sun is coming. Hold on to hope and your faith today.


Tuesday | Jan. 31st, 2023

Your card Tuesday is the Garden of Venus and when this card appears you are being summoned to leave the battle field in your life. Stop fighting the battle, stop defending what can no longer be defended. You need to rest and renew today. Find some water, meditate, take a shower or bath. Spend time restoring and nurturing your soul.


Wednesday | Feb. 1st, 2023

If Monday and Tuesday weren't enough, on Wednesday your card is the Temple of Black Obsidian and you are being challenged not to confront the enemy outside of you but to meet your own dark self and begin the healing task of bringing love, acceptance and light to it. Can you step into the temple and take on the challenge of loving all the parts of you- even the ones that you have worked so hard to keep hidden? You are being supported to do this work today so you can release the self-doubt, self-criticism and self-judgments.


Thursday | Jan. 26th, 2023

Your card for Thursday is Reaction which is asking you to look at what emotions have knocked you off balance. Are you limiting your emotions or are they out of control? Today is the day to really observe your emotions and look at them from a place of detachment. Go back to the Garden of Venus or the Black Obsidian Temple and work on loving your emotional self. Your capacity to examine your emotions is your super power. Be intentional today, you won't regret it.


Friday | Jan. 27th, 2023

The Water Fairy has found her way into our week and her message is to allow your emotions to flow. Ask the element of water to purify your emotions and your intents. Ask water to help you see clearly and to to help you understand yourself at a deeper level. "I honor the fluidity of life. I dance in the spirit of water. I drink in its substance, deeply. I am thus sustained! So be it!"

Have a wonderful magic filled week inspired souls. Let's manifest magic! ~Abbie

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