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Weekly Oracle Card Energies | 1/23/23

The oracle energies for the week of the 23rd is about manifesting and boundaries. We are moving into a time where lots of forward momentum is happening and you get to be more authentically you than ever before. Doing that comes with boundaries, trust in divine timing and taking the time to be guided.


Monday | Jan. 23rd, 2023

Our week kicks off with the Pure White Dragon from Orion which is an indicator that you had a pretty impactful weekend and you need to look at your current situation from a more enlightened space. Ask yourself how you would react from the highest version of yourself before making any decisions. Speak your truth, expand and stand strong in your field. Even if you are scared of their reaction or of being rejected, it's time for you to act with integrity and fly.


Tuesday | Jan. 24th, 2023

If Monday wasn't big enough to see your situation from a more enlightened space, on Tuesday Arianrhod is reminding you that your timing is perfect. When manifesting we get caught up in our made up time table. Today you are being reminded that no matter what is happening for you, time is your friend. It's all happening in perfect divine timing even if you aren't loving what is happening right now.


Wednesday | Jan. 25th, 2023

We expand into the card of Deep knowing where you are being encouraged to trust your gut. There is no need to keep searching- you know exactly what you have to do. Everything is happening for you and it will happen in perfect divine timing. If you are struggling with this then make the space to meditate with a sunstone if you can on your sacral chakra. Repeat, "I am empowered with knowledge and wisdom from the divine and confident in my ability to sit in my unfaltering deep knowing."


Thursday | Jan. 26th, 2023

Holy cow, Thursday's card is the portal of awakening consciousness. It's going to be a very powerful day and you are awakening to infinite and eternal awareness if you choose to receive. The doorway to the guidance you seek is open if you take the time to connect and receive. You may find yourself making decisions today where you can really see the future potential- tap into this energy! Repeat as often as possible, "I am divinely guided."


Friday | Jan. 27th, 2023

Friday's message is about boundaries and letting go of what is not yours to carry. You can't heal everyone or hold all of their baggage for them. The Wayshowers of the world need to get really comfortable with taking care of themselves and not carrying everyone's stuff. Check in to see if you are holding anyone else's stuff and go into the weekend prepared to nourish your own self and soul.

Have a wonderful magic filled week inspired souls. Let's manifest magic! ~Abbie

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