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Weekly Oracle Card Energies | 1/2/23

Let's explore the Oracle Card Energies for the week of Jan. 2nd, 2023. Time flies when you are having fun! The message is clear- your magic is needed in the world and it's time to come into alignment with your soul's purpose. As you contemplate your intentions for the new year make sure you are tuning in to your Higher Self and asking these two questions:

1. Is this choosing my higher purpose?

2. Does this help me tap into my joy?


Monday | Jan. 2nd, 2023

Saint Brigid represents the elevated state of knowing that you have everything you could ever truly need. She represents living in alignment with the highest aspect of yourself. Your message is to connect to your inner fire. It is what feeds you more than anything external can. Releasing your attachments to personal possessions, clearing space, uncluttering your home and giving away what you don't need. Your space is sacred and you are being reminded today that generosity is a sign of inner wealth.


Tuesday | Jan. 3rd, 2023

Yasigi is the Goddess of Living out Loud! It's time for you to own that you have something to say. It's time for you to express yourself, share your voice and you magic. It is your time to express yourself and drop the mask of needing to please others. You are free to express yourself fully... in fact this is your sign that the world needs you to show up.


Wednesday | Jan. 4th, 2023

Joy is leaping into your life today. You are being reminded to open your heart and flow with the joy that is present in your life. Make some time to play, to be in joy. You are being reminded that it's okay to be at home in the abundant gifts of life and the bliss of Creative Energy. No matter what you do today make some time to tap into your inner joy, your open heartedness.


Thursday | Jan. 5th, 2023

On Thursday the Disciple Priestess Magdalena has a message of diving into new spiritual practices. You have unknown strengths and talents that can be tapped into. She's also a message or being conscious of your duality. That means looking beyond the mask that others show and unveiling your own mask. You are being supported in releasing your limiting judgements of others and yourself today.


Friday | Jan. 6th, 2023

To grow empowered in the path of Ancient Feminine Power you need to honor your connection with the divine and cultivate a sacred practice. (A sacred practice becomes the habit of growing your spiritual power and consciousness.) You are being supported today to create or expand your sacred ritual practice that will help you to step into spiritual healing and growth.

Have a wonderful magic filled new year my friends!


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