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Symbolism & Chakras

Everything related to the physical experience we are having is deeply rooted in symbolism. Every color, every body part, every animal, every herb, and tree all are steeped in symbolism. Our minds don’t think in words, they think in feelings and meaning. So when I say the word, “Lemon,” you probably saw some sort of a picture of a lemon and quite possibly felt your mouth pucker. No matter where you are in your spiritual journey, if you can start to think of things in terms of symbolism it will help you to step back and see what is happening from a more symbolic level.

Today we start with the chakras, our energy centers that are our connecting points to the physical world we are experiencing and to our Divine nature. Each chakra has a color, is connected to certain body parts, has a sound, an affirmation, an element, and even correlates to a planet. Many people complain that because they can’t feel or see their chakras so perhaps a better way to start is the practice of learning to interpret the symbolism of your chakras.

Chakra chart

You can study the chart and start to work with it. If these are new to you, I suggest starting with the lower chakras as they are more of the physical world. I’ll give you some examples to start training your mind to think in the symbolism of your chakras.

Example: I have been diagnosed with adrenal fatigue or I am super stressed out that I feel like I can’t recover. The adrenals are part of the root chakra which is about getting grounded and the earth so doing some grounding exercises would be be good. I can repeat, “I am safe.” I can also do a meditation visualizing my root chakra in the most healthy vibrant red.

Example: I’m struggling in my relationships to feel connected and loving. I would rather be alone. Those are emotions out of the sacral connected to the moon and to your feelings of love. You can work with the energy of water to clear out pent up emotions, go to therapy or work with gratitude and saying, “I am loving, I am loved.”

The interpretations of symbology are many, but the aim is to start to thinking in terms of what is happening in your life to what is being symbolized in your chakra system.


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