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Spiritual Fortitude

In a time of intense duality and fear, it’s no longer enough to put your head in the sand and hope it passes. The collective consciousness is expanding and whether you like it or not you are a part of it. It’s time to be extremely intentional in stepping into your spiritual fortitude. That confidence and absolute knowing in your relationship with the Divine and in your faith that you will always be safe that can’t be shaken by others…. NO…MATTER…WHAT.

Do these sound familiar?

“Aren’t you scared about the insert latest virus here?”

They are trying to keep us down!”

“What are you doing to prepare for the market crash?”

Once upon a time, those questions/comments would make my heart palpitate and I would instantly feel powerless. If you read my chapter in Love Warriors you know that I had to go through a long process to unwind my attachment of the programmed fear of things that I couldn’t control. I was a single mom, living in a town with no roots in the area. I was intensely motivated to provide a better example to my children. I didn’t want to create an environment that would create more humans pushing fear into the world.

The first thing is to remind yourself that you will never not have fear. It’s always hanging around as an option in our beautiful dualistic world. However, you have a choice in how you let it impact you. First and foremost- question everything. Could it be true? If whatever is scaring you is true, can you own that it’s frightening and then ask yourself, what would a response in faith that I will get through this be? Sometimes just owning that you are in fear is enough to let you step out and get grounded.

The people who are selling the fear do so because it gets you to buy. You get to choose what you want to buy. Turn off the tv, the show, the meme, the person that is putting you in the fear place.

What Can You Do

  1. Let’s work on training your subconscious to seek guidance and to pause before acting out of fear. Get an appreciation/gratitude journal. Spend time in what you are grateful for and not what maybe possibly could happen.

  2. Notice where your energy is going. Find the creators, friends and colleagues who are standing in their power and put your energy there. Be more intentional with your words and who you choose to give your energy to.

  3. Give yourself some space to think. Turn off the tv, the phone, the radio, and the podcast for at least portions of your day. You don’t have to have something on ALL the time. Get comfortable with some silence and then when something comes at you that is discouraging you can process the information without going straight to fear and victimhood.

This is a dualistic world. You, however, are the chooser of which side you choose to spend most of your time and that is what I call spiritual fortitude. You can also read more about being a Love Warrior and learning many tools for tapping into your spiritual fortitude in the book, Love Warriors: The Conscious Expert’s Guide to Healing, Joy, and Manifestation which is available on Amazon.

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