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Full Moon Ritual

Doing this Full Moon ritual on (or around) the full moon means you are amplifying the effects of your ritual through the moon's energy. This month is a powerful letting go as we shift into the amazing new beginning energy of March. This full moon ritual is intended to help you tune into your physical body as the messenger that it is. Spend time preparing for this ritual by writing down all the ways in which you struggle with your body and the ways in which your body is trying to get your attention. Where are you having the issue(s) and how does it feel to be in your body?


  1. Paper

  2. Pen

  3. 5 Candles/Lighter

  4. Any herbs you want to burn

  5. A way to burn the paper

  6. Epsom Salt

  7. Bowl

  8. Bath/Shower


Sprinkle a little Epsom salt around you, creating your sacred space.

Get grounded, connecting deeply with Mother Earth and then Call in the Quarters.

Begin by lighting a candle in the center of the altar to represent Spirit or the Divine.

Then, light the candles for each of the four directions, starting with the east and moving clockwise.

"Only love may enter."


As you light a candle for each of the directions repeat:

"I call on you air, element of the east,

Bringer of clarity and inspiration,

I call upon your energy to fill me with your breath.

Bless me with your wisdom and insight,

That I may see the world from new heights.

Let the winds of change blow through me,

Clearing away all that no longer serves me.

May my mind be open and free,

I call on you fire, element of the south,

Bringer of passion and transformation,

I call upon your energy to ignite my soul.

Bless me with courage and vitality,

That I may blaze with the light of my true self.

Let the flames of my heart burn bright,

Purifying me of all that holds me back.

May my will be strong and my actions true,

And my spirits filled with your divine spark.

I call on you water, element of the west,

Bringer of flow and emotions.

I call upon your energy to cleanse and heal me.

Bless me with your compassion and intuition,

That I may be guided by the tides of my Higher Self.

Let the waters of life flow through me,

Nurturing and refreshing me with your love.

May my heart be open and my emotions true,

And my spirits calmed by your soothing presence.

I call on you Earth, element of the north,

Bringer of stability and abundance,

I call upon your energy to ground me in this time and space.

Bless me with your strength and resilience,

That I may stand firm in the face of adversity.

Let the soil of my soul be rich and fertile,

Nurturing the seeds of my dreams and aspirations.

May my body be healthy and strong,

And my spirit, anchored in your solid foundation."

"I call on the goddess of the moon and the god of the sun to bless this space and my intentions. I call on Archangel Raphael and Goddess Hygeia for your healing, vision and insight into my physical body.”

Take a moment to set your intention for the ritual. To release the blocked energy in your body. To come to a deep understanding with your body and to connect with the Divine.

Then turn your attention to tuning into your physical body and journal regarding the following questions.

  • What have I been experiencing in my body recently?

  • Do an inventory, move through each body part and ask yourself how that part of your physical feels.

  • How does it feel to be my body?

  • What am I experiencing on the left side of my body? How does that correlate with my divine feminine and what messages does my body receive?

  • What am I experiencing on the right side of my body? How does that correlate with my divine masculine? What message does my body send out to the world?

  • What thoughts am I willing to release tonight as it relates to my physical body?

  • What beliefs am I willing to release?

  • What actions am I willing to release?

Take your paper and fold it into a bowl of Epsom salt on your altar and let it sit as you call on your Divine Team.


“I call on you Archangel Raphael, Goddess Hygeia, and my Divine Team for guidance and vision. I call on you to ease this energy from my physical body.”

Sit and see your troubles and all of your concerns flowing out of your body and into the bowl of salt. Stay here for as long as it takes.

When you are complete, burn the paper in your fire-safe bowl or pit.

Watch the energy of the past release. Feel the energy of new beginnings, knowing you have now cleared energetic space for healing to come in. Stay here as long as you need, until you feel complete.

To end the ritual, thank each of the elements and directions for their presence and energy while blowing out the corresponding candle.

“Thank you Divine for your unconditional love and healing.

Thank you Archangel Raphael and Goddess Hygeia for your healing energy.

Thank you element of Earth for your grounded energy.

Thank you element of Water for helping the emotions to flow through me freely.

Thank you element of Fire for transforming my energy.

Thank you element of Air for the knowledge of what I need to do next.

You are free to go and always welcome to stay.”

Now take the Epsom salt and release it into your bath or shower. Your worries, stagnant energy, and everything you wrote down is dissipated in the water.

As you enjoy your bath/shower, keep it quiet and spend your time envisioning the new relationship with your body. How your body will respond going forward to your stress and how you will respond when your body is trying to get your attention. Negotiate the symbiotic relationship from this more evolved space having let go of the past traumas.


When you are complete, watch the water and the salt disappear down the drain. Rinse the tub/shower with complete faith that you have energetically dissolved your resistance, your blocks, and your pain. You are now free to step into the next phase of your life.

Remember that this ritual can be adapted to suit your own beliefs and practices. Feel free to add your own prayers, symbols, or other elements to make the ritual more meaningful to you.

If you enjoy ritual and want to join the Manifesting with the Moon Membership we will be doing these types of rituals together in sacred community. Read more information here.

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