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Calling Yourself Home

Each and every one of us is a cosmic soul having a human experience. Most of us don’t remember all the lifetimes, the other planets and universes we are experiencing because we are supposed to be here in this timeline learning what we came to learn and practicing staying in the present moment. That is hard to do if you are living in the past, worrying about the future or trying to figure out what you are holding on to from past lives. We all do it, but spending too much of our time on the “why” can be pretty distracting.

It is imperative to have a practice that pulls all the fragments of consciousness you’ve strewn about. The calls you’ve had, the projects you are working on, the emotions/angst when thinking about money issues, or the visit with a friend who was very upset. Worry when watching the news, worry about your review coming up in a few months, stress over the relationship you are in and the fight you had last week. The list is endless as our minds are capable of jumping from concern to concern like a pinball machine.

To be fully present in my spiritual practice, my writing, my business or with my family is the gift I want to give to those in my life as well as to myself. I don’t want to live in the land of, “I should have said this,” or “I should have done something different,” or “worry over something that might happen.” I want to be fully present in whatever I am currently doing and the most effective way I know to do this is to call myself home to bring myself back to the present moment, back into this time and space.


So, how can you “Call Yourself Home”? Here are three simple. yet very effective techniques for you to try and see what suits you best.

  1. My personal favorite is to take a deep breath and create a visual of myself as energy spread out over time and space. Then loudly and with gusto I call out my full name three times, “Abigail Dawn Martin, Abigail Dawn Martin, Abigail Dawn Martin…. COME HOME NOW!” I envision my energy coming back from the past memories I play on repeat, the future I worry about, and the people I am thinking about and I imagine each part of me locking into my heart space until I feel that I am now fully present in the moment.

  2. Go outside and with your bare feet stand on the earth. Take three deep breaths and use the same visual of seeing your energy and picture it coming back to you. I will let out a sound that feels good to me. An, “Ahhhh,” or “Om” is my go-to. Your voice is your personal frequency in the world. Use it to invite your soul to return to your heart space. Let the energy come through you and then ground it to the Earth.

  3. When I need a little extra oomph, either because I’m feeling out of sorts or because I’m doing something which needs my focused attention, I Call the Quarters. This ritual balances me because I have to focus intently on it, so it brings me to the present moment. I use it for all of my rituals and meditations, but it is also a wonderful tool for just asking for help to come home and get back into balance.

If you notice all three options, use your voice. These methods activate your throat, engaging it as a golden cord stretching from head to heart, uniting thought and feeling. (Yes, you can do all of these in your mind, but it doesn’t have the same resonance or power as using your voice). Don’t be afraid to use your voice in whatever method you choose to call yourself home.

I look forward to hearing how you do with Calling Yourself Home!

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