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Best-selling Author, Master Wiccan, Law of Attraction Coach, and Intuitive. Abbie is on a mission to bring her brand of magic and inspiration to the world by providing tools and teachings that support her clients in deepening and expanding their spiritual practice. Intuitive-Resources offers powerful coaching, workbooks, custom rituals and spells, and uniquely curated alchemy kits that are designed to help bring complex spiritual teachings into physical form.

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  • Iridology

  • Live Blood Cell Analysis

  • Wellness Counselor

  • Raw Food Chef

  • EFT Practitioner

  • Energy Medicine Practitioner

  • 12th Dimensional Healing Energy Practitioner

  • Master of Wicca

  • Law of Attraction Coach

  • Life Coach

  • EQ Coach

  • Prayer Practitioner

  • Hypnotherapy Practitioner

  • Meditation Practitioner


With more than 25 years of executive recruiting and coaching experience in the corporate world I have harbored a secret that I tried extremely hard to keep under wraps.... I am a Witch, an Energy Healer, and a student of all things mystical.


When my son was three months old he broke out into a rash over his entire body. My mother was nearing the end of her long battle with cancer and nobody seemed to be able to help us.

I went to every medical doctor, every naturopath, tried every quick fix the internet had to sell but I was still helpless as the doctor told me to just, "Hope he grows out of it."  If you know me, you aren't surprised when I say that just wasn't good enough. The second turning point came when my mother passed away and the next day I watched my son, fully engrossed in a cartoon, stand up and hug the air behind him. Everything turned upside down as I began my journey of understanding the symbiotic relationship between the physical body and our spiritual lives. I like to joke that I personally kept the self help industry afloat as I took every workshop/class, got every certification I could find, and read every book published. 


Through that journey my son's health transformed and I am happy to report that he is thriving today. I have helped many clients and offered a lot of unsolicited holistic advice to my clients. I was somewhat content with this existence as it was lucrative. I expanded my learning into the world of energy healing and when presented with the opportunity to learn about witchcraft. I was overcome with the feeling of coming home. 


I am now on a mission to bring my brand of magic and inspiration to the world in hopes it helps you. We are on the precipice of real change in the collective and we need tools and techniques to help us heal, cope and thrive.  I hope you will join me in embracing the magic of energy healing, prayer, magic, and ritual.


As with most Soul Entrepreneurs we all have our origin story. This is the story behind how I conceptualized the Alchemy Kits and embraced their transformational power.

Like so many of us, we want to do something meaningful in our lives. I was raised with the value that being a "good worker" meant you were successful in life. It was extremely difficult to reconcile as I loved what I did for a living and experienced great success. However, I felt anxious, unseen, unvalued, and miserable being the "good worker bee." 

One day I was in deep meditation and asking for guidance when suddenly I saw lines of my ancestors appear and the message was clear: they wanted me to break the “good girl” cycle of my feminine ancestors and chase my dreams. I decided that day to pull together from my vast tool chest of spiritual tools a ritual that would help me to make a shift and to get the courage to quit the job that felt like it was slowly killing me.

I bought a box of orange candles, because orange represented to me my creativity and sacral chakra where I felt like this dream was being born from. I felt inspired as I created the ritual and added components that I learned in my coaching classes, my prayer practice, my Wiccan practice and the Law of Attraction to manifest something magnificent. I committed to doing the ritual every day for 40 days and would see what happened.

By the end of the 40 days, I felt amazing in my trust that a change was coming. I had ideas, charts all over the wall and internet searches galore. I was excited with potential, but my skin was crawling when I had to go to work. I was living for the evenings and weekends and really struggling with sleep. I knew that my desire to embark on this new journey had only been reinforced. I decided to coach myself and recognized that I had taken no action other than the ritual. Ideas were flowing, but I hadn’t spent the energy on the “how.” On day 40, I created a spell that was simple and very intentional to release my job. It was powerful as I participated in the ritual and watched the bonfire of of my hopes and dreams blaze. Before I went to bed I pulled out the calendar and gave myself 90 days. I circled the date and determined that was the day I would resign- no matter what. It was what I called a Cosmic Commitment to myself and my ancestors. That gave me 90 days to plan, save money and figure out what I was going to do that would show the universe I was willing to take action. Four days later, the team member that I planned to take over for me resigned, and I found myself on the phone with the leadership team telling them that they needed to let me go and keep her.

I still look back at that whole experience and marvel. My timeline was to make me feel safe, but when I put my focused intention on where I wanted to go, the Universe orchestrated and said, "You are ready now!" The freedom to start telling people that I was committing to following my dreams and embracing my woo-woo was met with such joy and support from everyone I told. I had been prepared for judgment and fear-based responses. I learned quickly that many of the seasoned CEOs I was working with were open to these concepts. It solidified my belief that the world is clamoring for more options that help with feeling happier, more connected to the Divine, and making real transformations happen.

I put the word out to a trusted group and asked them to be my guinea pigs. For each issue, I curated a ritual that blended energy healing, ritual, prayer, witchcraft, crystals, mantras, and essential oils. The results have been nothing short of phenomenal! We are talking major shifts and manifestations. With focused intention, commitment/decision, and inspired ritual, the opportunities for healing and manifestation are completely possible. Now it’s time to share these tools and resources with you. Investing in an Alchemy Kit is investing in your future manifestations in a way that is nothing short of magical.

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